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Thanks for visiting our online giving page. We’re grateful that you are supporting our ministry in this way as we strive to make, mobilize, and multiply a community of disciples of Christ for the glory of God.


General Giving / Tithing

We believe that God provides all we have and that we are to be stewards of the resources he gives us. During each worship service, we take an offering to give back to God a portion of what he has blessed us with. We have also expanded our giving methods to the web in order to make giving accessible outside of our services. 


The practice of tithing has roots in the Old Testament, coming from the command to bring a “tithe to the LORD,” which literally means “a tenth” (Numbers 18:24; Deuteronomy 12:6; 2 Chronicles 31:12; Malachi 3:8). Tithing continues into the New Testament (2 Corinthians 8-9) and should be practiced by believers in the present day. All contributions or “tithes” help to fund to church ministries, support the physical church property, and compensate our staff.

Global Missions | Faith Promise

As global missions partners with FPC Ipswich, Center Grace gives to Faith Promise, one of the ways we encourage involvement in world missions and global evangelism. Each year, prior to our annual Missions Conference, we ask each person to consider making a donation to be used in the church’s missionary outreach. These pledges collectively become our Faith Promise, or missions budget, for the year. Faith Promise is an “extra effort” collection beyond our regular tithes for the cause of spreading the gospel. You can learn more about Faith Promise here.

Deacons Fund

One Sunday each month, we take a special Deacons Offering. Contributions given during this offering go to the Deacons Fund, which provides financial assistance to members and friends in need.

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