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Here you’ll find a full list of our groups, teams, and other opportunities that will help you to get more deeply connected in the community! No matter your strengths and needs, we have a family full of people who are ready to get to know you more. 

Small Groups


Community groups are where we practice community together. They are a great way to give individuals and families a place to connect more intimately and build relationships with others in the church. People in these groups share their stories, encourage accountability, and work together to serve others at church, the local community, and the world at large. Community groups typically meet in a member’s home on a basis that fits the members’ schedules. 


Multiply groups focus on multiplying disciples through mentoring. They are smaller groups with one leader and two to four people that meet weekly or bi-weekly to 1) check-in, build relationships, encourage, admonish, and hold one another accountable; 2) explore Scripture (or a discipleship curriculum); and 3) pray with one another and practice spiritual disciplines together. The goal is for each person to then lead a discipleship group on their own after the group is done. The three cental differences between multiply groups and community groups are 1) multiply groups are smaller and made up of people of the same gender; community groups are larger (6-14 people) and mixed genders; 2) multiply groups seek to multiply after a year or two; the community group is an ongoing consistent community; 3) multiply groups focus on personal spiritual transformation and multiplication; community groups focus on community formation.


The early church practiced community through table fellowship and after each Lord's Day worship service, they would have what was called an "agape feast" where the community would simply eat together and build relationships. Keeping this essential practice, we have a post-service lunch at the church on the first Sunday of the month and on the third Sunday of the month we have congregants open up their homes and invite others over for a meal. On the other Sundays, it is still our hope that people are eating with one another after the service!

Children 0-3


Nursery (0-3)

The Nursery Team aims to provide a safe and loving environment for children while their parents participate in worship, Sunday school, bible study, and other activities at the church.


Sunday Morning During Sunday School (9-10 AM)

Nursery care is provided for children ages 0 – 24 months during Adult Sunday School. Children’s Sunday School is available for children 2 and up.


Childcare During the Worship Service (10:15 AM)

Nursery care is available for children ages 0-4 years of age during our morning worship service.



Your child’s safety is so important. Nursery workers are required to check all children both in and out of the nursery using an online software, and every volunteer working with children has been CORI checked. Copies of our nursery policy are available at our office.

Center Grace Kids

Sunday School

From 9 -10 am, children from 3 years to 5th grade meet for Sunday School.

Children 4-10


We want to come alongside parents and help disciple students by helping them grow in their understanding and application of the gospel, together in community, and in helping them be faithfully present in their contexts.

Youth Group  

Sunday School | Sunday mornings at 9 am

Middle School and High School Sunday School classes meet at our church from 9-10 am. This is a time where we focus on digging deep into the Bible and how it applies to our lives. 

Youth Group | Wednesday Evenings 6 - 8 pm

Youth group is a time where students and leaders come together for food fellowship, discussion and discipleship. During our gatherings, we open with a time for food and fellowship (6-6:30), we play a game (6:30-7), have a talk (7-7:30), and then break up into discipleship groups (7:30-8).

If you would like to be added to the weekly emails that go out to students and their families or want more information about youth ministry, please email Nathaniel.

Want to stay connected with Center Grace Youth? Follow us on Instagram @centergrace.youth



Sunday School | Catechesis into a Christian world-and-life view.

Please join us for a study on the Ten Commandments on Sunday mornings from 9 - 10 am.

Women’s Bible Study

Thursdays, 9:00-11:00am at the church | Iana Ostrowski and Pamella McLellan are co-leading a study on the book of Acts. Please join us!

Men’s Bible Study

Our men's Bible Study meets weekly on Wednesday mornings from 6-7:30am at Backbeat Brewery in Beverly. They are also studying the book of Acts, feel free to join at any time.



Worship & A/V Team

Our Worship Team leads us in song each week during our worship services. The Worship Team meets before the service each week to practice. Our A/V Team manages the service audio mixes, video recordings, lighting, slides, and more. 


We’re always looking for more musicians and A/V members to join the team! If you’re musically inclined or interested in audio-visuals, feel free to reach out to our office! 

Fellowship Team

The Fellowship Team handles the most delicious parts of church:pre- and post-service refreshments! If you’ve got a knack for baking, cooking, or snacking, the Fellowship Team is for you! Members of this team rotate regularly to handle food, drinks, and cutlery. 

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team is here to make sure visitors feel comfortable and answer any questions that they may have. 

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