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Center Grace is offering a scholarship for eligible students of up to $1,000, up to four times per student, to be used at eligible institutions. The Scholarship Fund will be funded by donations to CGC and will be split evenly among all scholarship recipients. The Scholarship Committee will review properly completed applications, award scholarships in its sole discretion with oversight by the CGC Session/Board of Directors and notify applicants whether they will be awarded a scholarship. 


Eligible Institutions:

  • Accredited Christian higher education institutions located in the United States that have a church-match program


Eligible Students

  • Must be enrolled (or accepted) in an eligible higher education institution as an undergraduate

  • Must be a CGC member, child of a member, regular attender, or part of the CGC community as determined by the committee

The application form is attached HERE. Please send completed forms to Jen Moore at or by dropping them off at the church office. An announcement in the worship service will be made when the application period will close.


Q: What is the application time period?

A: Center Grace is accepting applications through September 15, 2023 for the ’23-’24 academic year. The committee anticipates making decisions in September and distributing funds in late September or early October

Q: How many times can a student participate?

A: Up to four times (e.g. once for each academic year), provided they are an Eligible Student attending an Eligible Institution

Q: What happens if there are insufficient funds?

A: The committee will notify the applicants and attempt to raise additional funds. If less than $300 per award recipient is available, money will stay in the fund until the next year.

Q: What’s the maximum per student per year?

A: $1,000

Q: Do I have to be a parent or student to give to the fund?
A: No! Anyone can support the fund.

Q: Can the fund support any student going to any college, university or trade school?

A: No, awards will only be made to Eligible Institutions

Q: Who should the application be given to?

A: The Office Manager, Jen Moore


Q: Who should I speak to about further questions?
A: Logan Robertson, Kelvin Okumura or Megan Reichman

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